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terug afronden

Fill in your address for the post deliverance:

Please pay the total amount to:

A H Jakobs
Utrecht, The Netherlands
ING Giro: 3006849
IBAN: NL 58 INGB 0003 0068 49

I accept paypal

Filled in all the correct data? Click on 'send' to make the final reservation. You will receive an immediate confirmation by mail and your buttons will be reserved for 7 days.

Buttons cost 5 euro a piece.
Attention; only for euros in EU-country's. When you order from another country the extra costs are for your account. Indicate this in the comments and I will contact you about this matter.

After receiving your payment you will receive a message by mail from me. The order will be send within 5 working days by post to your address.

Most sincerely,

Anneke Jakobs