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I found an old chair by the side of the road, just a block away from my house. I decided to take it home, where it got it's own steady place. It was used where it was made for and it became part of my home.

The meaning of a button refers to closure in most cases. But the closing function can also be a connection at the same time.

My chair is not able to serve it's primary purpose anymore like it did for me in the past. It has transformed into another sense. The connection with my home lives on in 1727 buttons.
Every button is unique, individually determined with it’s location in the chair, a number, a thread and a label.

You can buy a button. In this way you allow me to enter your world.
The spreading goes throughout the internet so it will be carried into the world by as many people as possible. And bit by bit the world can be my home.

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Button 13 goes to:

Liesbeth Huizing
Heemstede, The Netherlands

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