Ordering one or more unique buttons goes through this website by filling in your data for the post deliverance. To fulfil my ideal to spread as much buttons as possible worldwide, no more than 10 buttons can be ordered. The price for 1 button is 5 euro including all costs (such as fright costs)*. After your order your buttons will be reserved for 7 days. When the payment isn't received within 7 days on my account, the reservation will be cancelled. Buttonnumbers appear grey after reservation.

Your order will be send in a stamped envelope. When you prefer a registered post delivery, announce this at 'comments' at the end of your order. These extra costs are not included in the price. So be aware at your payment.

Orders after July 2007: After receiving you payment the order will be send within 5 working days by post.

The sold buttonnumbers will be shown on the world map in Google-Maps. No addresses will be shown to maintain your privacy.

* attention; only for euros in EU-country's. When you order from another country the extra costs are for your account. Indicate this in the comments and I will contact you about this matter.